2023 Top 100 Entries

The following entries received the highest overall scores from the panel of judges.
They are listed in alphabetical order by title.

3D Printed Shape Conformable Solid State Batteries for Powering Next Gen Electronics

800 V, 50 A HV-Switch / e-Fuse

A Master Metric Predicting Lifespan

A New Treatment Approach for Spinal Cord Injury

A Novel Electric Propulsion Unit For Affordable Deep Space Exploration

A Salivary Test for Brain Health

A Simple Sensor for Detection of Ground from Water

A Wearable Ultrasound Cardiac Imager

A Wireless Wearable Ultrasound Patch for Deep Tissue Monitoring

AeroFeathers: 3D Printed Airfoils Inspired by the Quiet Flight of Owls

Aeroplicity: Streamlining Compliance, Enhancing Cybersecurity, and Empowering Aerospace and Defense Supply Chains

All-in-one Intuitive Platform for Low Noise Cryogenic Measurements Down to a Temperature of 3K

Amnova: Large Format Manufacturing of the Future

Anisotropic Thermal Material: Revolutionizing Battery Packing for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Autonomous Sun Visor

Bezalel - An Open-source 3D Printable Low-cost Tactile Display

Biodegradable Mycelium Packaging

BioRobotic Solution for Space Subsurface Exploration

Blue Spirit Aero


Celcy - The Automated Nespresso of Food

Cleaning and Cooling to Safeguard Edge Vision Sensor Functionality

Continuous, Pain-Free Monitoring of Thyroid Hormones Using a Novel Biowearable

DigiScan: Early Warning for Pre-diabetes and Overall Health

Direct Seawater Electrolysis System with High-current-density Capability

Diving into the Future: Marty, the Cutting-Edge Hybrid AUV-ROV Expanding the Horizons of Underwater Discovery


Dual Curable Silicone-based Adhesive, Enabling the Waterproof Breakthrough for Foldable Consumer Display Devices

Dynamic Drive Control Scheme for Energy-Efficient Electric Drive Systems

Easy Power Plus Hydrogen Disruptor Engine

EcoSmart™ Super Biodegradable, Bioactive, and Economical Food Packaging Film and Production Process

eDrone: a Flying Robot for Surveying Biodiversity in Hard-to-Reach Forest Canopies

Electrified Green Ammonia Synthesis

Eternium Aerospace Long Range Multi-role Electric Aircraft

EVAA - Ecological Vertical Agriculture Assistant

ExoMotus™ M4 Lower-limb Exoskeleton Robot

FDR Cross, the World’s First Two-in-one Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography System

FluShield Antiviral Chicken Feed Additive

Future Solar Power Plant


Ganaio High-Output Regenerative Damper

Geothermal HVAC System

Greenhouse Gas Sensor

High-Power Electrostatic Actuators to Realize Artificial Muscles

Highly Maneuverable Electric VTOL Robotic Aircraft for Helicopter Impenetrable Environments

Hybrid Transmission System for Blending Torque and Power Efficiency Between Engines & Final Transmission Shaft

Hydrogen Electric Mainline Air Transport

Implantable and Wearable Artificial Kidney

Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration through Example-Driven Learning

Ionic Mineral Technologies' Next-Generation Battery Material: The Nano-Silicon Solution

Leakproof Valve

Liconic Power Unit for UAV Batteries Replacement

Liquid Air Energy Storage with CO2 Extraction

Marine Debris Collecting Remotely Operated Vehicle

Micro Drone

Microfluidic Device to Simulate an in-vitro Blood Brain Barrier Model

Modular Encapsulated High Temperature Heat Pumps for Industrial Decarbonization

Nano-fibrous Biopaint for Zero-electricity Cooling

New Plastic-Metal Composite 3D Printing Technology

Non-Metallic Thermoplastic Infrared DX Fluid Heater/Boiler

Novel Electrical Steel Core Lamination Manufacturing Method

Novel Perovskite Glass Composite Enabling Coenzyme Regeneration

OptiAG - High Precision Irrigation & Fertilizer Application Framework for Optimal Agriculture

OrganEYEzer - High-throughput Sorting of Organoids

ParaLoon - Inflatable "Parabolic Ballon" Concentrator Photo-Voltaic (CPV) Structures for Solar Power in Space and on Earth

Parrot-inspired Robot for Mobile Tool Manipulation

Patchflow-Robotics for In-Pipe Leak Repair

Patented Ceramic Grease

PCB Probe Tester (PCBPT) - a Compact Desktop System that Helps with Automatic PCB Debugging

Peristaltic Suit: Active Compression and Physiological Sensing Intra-vehicular Activity Spacesuit for Cardiovascular Deconditioning

Plant Foliage Health Monitor

Pnoi-phone: a Breath-based Device for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Asthma

POPSafe™ Endotracheal Tubes - Preventing Accidental Anesthesia/Ventilator Disconnections

Proflex® Prometheus™ - the Ultimate in High Energy Delivery Fiber Optics


Safely Watch and Prioritize Maintenance With AI Deep Learning and Low Cost Passive RF Wireless Vibratory Strain Sensors

Satellite Docking System

Self-deployable Parabolic Satellite Antennas Based on Shape Memory Materials

Shape Memory Alloy Assisted Geometric Docking Adapters with Active Lighting Cues Package for Small Satellite Docking and In-Space Assembly

SI-LINK™ DFDF-5451 NT Faster Curing Ethylene-Silane Copolymer

Small USV for Near Shore Data Collection

Solar Thermal Absorption Cooling - The Hotter It Is, The Cooler It Gets

Solar-powered Transport Networks, Jpods

Solaris - Solar-Powered Hydrogen Peroxide Water Purification System

Solaro - The Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot


Square Trajectory Mechanism for Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robotic Systems

Sustainable Low Emission Zero Degassing High Voltage Cable Insulation Compound

SwellSense: Creating 2.5D Interactions with Micro-capsule Paper


TenseFlatables: 3D Printed Tensegrity-Assisted Inflatable Structures

Tethered Drones to Spray a NASA Dual-use Compound on Surfaces to Remove Smog and Pollution from the Air

The HIPO™ Modules: a Better Solution for High Power EV Chargers

TokaTrac CVT

Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Door Assembly

Ultrafast Optical Transistor and Data Encoding

UnOrthoDOKS: Unibody Orthotic Device for Osteoarthritis Knee Support


ZEDS - Zero Emission Driving System: Electric Motor with Magneto-rheological Braking Integration

Zulu Pods Are the World's First Decentralized Lubrication System