Axial Rotating Boat/Ship

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Axial rotating ship/boat:
Many times major accidents occur in the ocean due to head-on collisions between the ships and boats because of bad weather, invisibility, extreme humidity, fog, raining and darkness etc. By the time crew comes to know about the collision, accidents already have occurred due to difficulty in turning or change of course immediately or even wrong judgement of direction.

To avoid such accidents we propose here a new idea to turn a boat or ship quickly in reverse direction or desired direction by introducing a specially designed rudder with least turning radius. This rudder is fixed at the center of gravity point at the bottom of the ship/boat having high degree of thrust and faster rotation than the normal rudder which is usually exists at the stern (back side of a ship). This special rudder is made by cross joining two "S" shaped rudders and that joint is connected to a shaft of power full high thrust motor. We may call it a "swastika rudder." In normal voyage this rudder is pulled inside a room/space at the bottom of the ship and is not in operation. However in emergency situations this "S" rudder is pushed down and required to turn on while turning off the stern rudder until the desired direction is attained.

Once safe direction is attained the stern rudder turns on while turning off the "S" rudder and pulled inside the room/space. This additional "S" shaped rudder at the bottom of the ship may be capable of turning the entire ship in the opposite direction and thus reduce the possibility of accidents or head-on collisions.


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