Solution to Prevent Accidents Due to Sun-strike and Blindness While Driving

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Living in New Zealand, one of the challenges we face especially during the winter months is sun-strike while driving. This is due to the sun being low in the sky on clear winter mornings or evenings.

Over the years, we had several accidents due to poor visibility and unawareness apart from being poorly equipped. This can be prevented with the introduction of better technology. Innovation is at the peak and we are in the 21st century with the advancement in technology, research, economy, human collaboration and confidence.

We possibly could innovate effective and reliable equipment which would benefit everyone and around the world. With numerous cars on the road using sophisticated technology, there is a lack of development in this area.

Sun is the main producer for our existence on earth and as the population keeps growing and as technology is evolving at a speed, the climate change is prominent globally. This means we need to put some extra thought, effort and take the initiative which will not only benefit the Automotive Industry but also the Aviation Industry. This is a known issue around the world and although there are some logical guidelines and knowledge share to prevent sun strike on windscreen or sun blindness during driving there is not enough done technically. Innovating something would prevent incidents from minor to serious issues especially with the changing weather conditions around the world.

Although the basic solution currently is to use polarised glasses and sun visor it not an effective solution for anyone and especially for drivers who are unaware of conditions like weather, surroundings, people, driving knowledge.

We strongly recommend to introduce the following
- Sensors to monitor weather conditions and change the windscreen and also play auto audio message for awarness

- Introduce controllers to change headlight angle and to prevent glares

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    I'm a technology analyst and I regularly drive around espcially with children. Sun strike and blindness is a known fact but less is done it to prevent and protect human lives as its a known and serious issue. As safety is paramount during driving or when purchasing a vehicle, this feature will not only save lives but also bring awarness around the world to proactively prevent and act accordingly for changing weather conditions and poor visibility.
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