Floating Parking Barge for Vehicles

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As coastal cities and communities continue to grow, the demand for physical, earth-fast real estate has increased. In many areas, the ability to meet the demand is strained due to consistent flooding. The creation of new, buildable land can also lead to the infilling of coastal wetlands and habitat destruction. Moreover, the demand for where parking is needed may change for emergencies, certain seasons, and special events.

The Floating Parking Barge for Vehicles provides increased parking capacity for a particular area, and can be moved under its own power or by tugboat. More importantly, the invention will also be utilized in various emergency applications, where land-based parking is unavailable or unfeasible. This is especially true when delivering aid after major hurricanes, and where there is a lack of a deep-water port.

The barge would provide the capability to store equipment, vehicles and devices for any given duration, and/or can be deployed to coasts/inland waterways where required. The shallow draft reduces the infrastructure required (i.e. no dredged channels and slips around piers and wharves).

The angled superstructure can likewise house communications, monitoring, and rocketry equipment. Where it is designed to hold vehicles, it can be converted to a floating manned or unmanned launch “silo” for drones and rockets. The exterior cladding provides some protection from small arms fire, as well as shielding it from hurricane and typhoon conditions. This is already accomplished, as stated in the U.S. Patent 10,472,024, through the construction of the weather resistant, fully clad steel superstructure on the barge.

The concept is scalable in that it can meet various size requirements for different vehicle/equipment types. Thus, the barge can be configured for a multitude of missions and roles. This gives it the ability to be continuously updated and modified in the future anticipating new supporting technologies and sub-systems. This greatly extends the functional life cycle of each barge constructed.


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