Modern Speed Breakers

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11,084 drivers and passengers have died due to the speed breakers that we use in India. And these are just the figures for India. The figures including other countries surpass a million. The automobile industry has progressed a lot but the road infrastructure has hardly proceeded ahead and especially the speed breakers. The current obsolete design gives discomfort to both the normal speed and the high-speed drivers and has a high probability of causing the wheel to leave the surface of the speed breaker and causing an accident or a lot of disintegrating effects on the vehicle. Here comes the role of my model.

My model is an intelligent speed breaker that only reduces the speed if and only if the vehicle is exceeding a certain limit meaning anything going less than the normal speed will think that they're just passing over the road but anything above that will suffer a speed loss and stimulation of the speed breaker to alert the driver that there is something nearby for that's why speed breakers are there. This happens because the wheel provides an angular rotation that is transferred to the shear-thinning fluid which makes the mechanism operative and makes the following shape thus reducing the speed from the frictional coating on it as it affects both the normal and the shear stress on the wheel. Now even the shape of my speed breakers are inward and thus the entire trajectory the wheel achieves has zero or no possibility of making the wheel leave contact from the surface of the road thus making the probability zero. Implementing anything like this can reduce the number of road accidents from speed breakers to Zero.

The particular shape that the speed breaker will form will also depend on the speed of the vehicle, a high speeding vehicle will suffer greater speed reduction compared to the vehicle moving at a slower speed and thus the concept of giving stimulation to the driver will work exactly the way it needs to and anything that will be having a speed lesser than the normal specified speed will suffer no speed reduction thus making the concept of giving discomfort to everyone null and void. Now the specific shape of the speed breakers will make sure that the wheel of the vehicle cannot leave contact with the surface which wasn't the case earlier as the chances of vehicles leaving the speed beaker contact and flying above were very high depending on the speed and the friction thus making an accident-prone design which my model perfectly balances that via reverting the entire curve and making it sure that the wheels don't leave the contact. The shape also helps in reducing the speed three times faster than an average speed breaker as it affects on both the normal and the shear stress provided by the wheel. Thus implementing anything like that can save a lot of lives all around the globe.


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    Suryansham Tiwari
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    Sonali Rastogi.
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    Solid works , Converge CFD and Rhino 6 ( Industrialized version )
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    Making and working on new mechanism.
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    The design is based on the properties of specific fluids. In the ancient era, there were no speed breakers or anything to reduce the speed. The ancient civilization used the properties of fluids to slow down vehicles. What I've done is, I've made that property of those specific fluids a mechanism. A constrained mechanism that behaves as that specific fluid as a whole but is better than the fluid itself.
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    Analysis on SolidWorks and Ansys and the design was made on Adobe Premiere Pro.
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