Zulu Pods Are the World's First Decentralized Lubrication System

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Zulu Pods are the world's first decentralized lubrication system that combines the function of a reservoir, pump, and nozzle into a single, self-contained, hermetically sealed, packaged oil delivery system. The Zulu Pod is lighter, placed right in the working zone of the engine bearing or gear compartment, and meters the exact amount of lubrication for optimal performance.

Zulu Pods can be used for primary lubrication for limited life engines or backup lubrication during a loss of lubrication event.

Limited Life Engine Application

Zulu Pods presents a new, revolutionary approach to limited life engine design. Conventional lubrications systems can be the bottleneck in your limited life engine performance​. Traditional oil and fuel/lube delivery systems used in limited life engines incorporate a bulky, centralized assembly with multiple sourced components leading to increased weight, supply chain complexity, and excess engine design modifications.

Zulu Pods’ proprietary oil delivery system features a decentralized, self-contained, hermetically sealed unit capable of developing pressure independent of a traditional central pump, plumbing, and reservoir. Limited life engine designers are now afforded performance optimizing benefits previously constrained by traditional lubrication systems.

Backup Lubrication Application

Safeguard human life and critical assets during a loss of lubrication event with the Zulu Pod emergency lubrication system. Zulu Pods’ patented self-contained oil delivery system generates its own pressure supply independent of a pump – capable of being strategically placed in and around mechanical systems to provide the optimal amount of lubrication during a loss of lubrication event.

How do Zulu Pods work?

Zulu Pods are self energized and utilize metering technology to deliver precise amounts of fluid to a working zone. Zulu Pods are amorphous and insensitive to attitude so regardless of the conditions, the fluid still flows at the prescribed rate.

Zulu Pods challenge the conventional design approach of limited life engines by re-imagining lubrication delivery, thus allowing for radical simplifications in engine architecture.

Current lubrication delivery systems employ multiple sub-systems including a reservoir, pump, nozzle, and piping system. Zulu Pods consolidate these functions into one unit.

Zulu Pods are amorphous in shape and form, allowing versatility in engine interface design and installation. They can also be threaded directly into the bearing shaft or gearbox compartment for easy replacement or rechargeability.

Zulu Pods can be cost-effectively manufactured. In addition to cost-effective supply chain vendor relationships, Zulu Pods is vertically integrated with manufacturing capabilities allowing for reduced cost and lead times.

Zulu Pods have been proven to work. Zulu Pods, Inc has a state-of-the-art high speed rig test apparatus which has been used to demonstrate both dynamic pod activation and minimum lubrication capabilities at 40,000 rpm and 80,000 rpm, respectively.

Zulu Pods currently have three practical applications: primary lubrication systems for limited-life engines, back up emergency lubrication systems for gearbox compartments, and fuel delivery systems.

There are several well-defined markets for Zulu Pods. Within the Aerospace and Defense markets, Zulu Pods is engaged with Department of Defense entities (US Army, Navy, Air Force) and several major engine manufacturing OEMs.



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