Highly Maneuverable Electric VTOL Robotic Aircraft for Helicopter Impenetrable Environments

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Over 1,000,000 people are killed each year by natural and urban disasters, such as tornados, floods, earthquakes, and industrial accidents. These disasters lead to 2,500,000 people being permanently disabled or displaced and the affected communities take (on average) 20 to 30 years to recover, with billions in economic losses.

The Entry is a revolutionary aircraft capable of flight in confined spaces, in close proximity to obstacles, and the ability to hover and land while in a non-zero pitch attitude via the use of advanced aircraft and control mechanisms. The combined aircraft and control system enables the aircraft to cope with internal (system failures) and external (e.g., wind gusts) disturbances and fly inside hazardous environments where no other aircraft (man or unmanned) can operate. Examples of spaces include inside collapsed buildings, beneath tree cover, mines, and urban canyons. The aircraft’s mechanical and aerodynamic design enables 50-60% more payload capacity when compared to similar-size Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. The aircraft’s shrouded propellers' tilt and an active horizontal tail propeller provide the primary means of flight control to perform knife-edge maneuvers not possible by other aircraft. The vehicle can be easily enhanced, with the addition of a set of wing + canards, to be operated as an aircraft having the capability to fly in either VTOL or fixed-wing mode. When flying in fixed-wing mode, the aircraft doesn't require the use of typical control surfaces such as rudders, elevons, etc., a revolution in aircraft design. For navigation and guidance, the control system determines the flight path/maneuvers using a proprietary navigation system that takes into account the aircraft's physical shape, its flying characteristics, and the environment’s geometry.

The vehicle has been designed as a fully scalable system and can be manufactured in various sizes from an electric aircraft (e.g., drone) or a full-size (commercial aircraft) system powered by an internal combustion engine.

These characteristics have the potential to enhance numerous areas including urban air mobility, urban search and rescue, the military (surveillance & reconnaissance), energy, and assist first responders, and law enforcement assisting users in new and innovative ways (and reducing the costs associated with urban disaster response). The developed system is a game-changer providing the characteristics to provide effective urban air mobility and fly inside (GPS-denied) confined spaces needed to capture the needed data at a high resolution in a fraction of the time when compared to data that first responders and law enforcement could take hours or days to collect any other way.

The value that the technology provides is the ability to effectively/safely fly in complex hazardous environments and provide the data (the informatics) needed at the right time in challenging spaces. The systems will enable experts immediately access/deploy the aircraft and collect that one nugget of information needed to save lives, accomplish the mission, and make a difference.

The advanced control system used in this aircraft provides the capability to be used by non-commercial pilots who will be able to quickly deploy/fly the aircraft from any unprepared surface.



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    Alex Ramirez Serrano
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