Designing System for Capturing CO2 Emissions

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Our project is inspired by the 12th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. We have designed a system that can capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from vehicles and reduce their impact on the environment.

Our system consists of a device that is attached to the vehicle's exhaust pipe and contains a fine mesh of a solid sorbent material. The device filters the exhaust air and absorbs CO2 from it. The device also has an exhaust fan that releases CO₂-free air into the atmosphere. A CO2 sensor monitors the amount of CO2 in the exhaust air and displays it on the front car screen. This way, the driver can see how much CO₂ they are emitting and how much they are saving by using our system.

Our system is an innovative and practical solution that can help achieve the targets of SDG 12, such as reducing CO₂ emission, improving resource efficiency, and promoting sustainable lifestyles. By capturing CO₂ from vehicles, our system can also contribute to mitigating climate change, which is another important goal of the UNDP.




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    Yash Makwana
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    • Harsh Ghediya
    • Hemil Prajapati
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    • Aksh Patel
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