Promising Portable Missile System C-UAV

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Existing anti-aircraft missile systems of air defense were initially, in principle, not designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles.

The goal of my project is to fill this gap and create a system that will be designed and capable of effectively kinetically counteracting unmanned aerial vehicles.

To simplify the description of the project, you can roughly try to imagine it as a first approximation as a deep modernization of the classic man-portable anti-aircraft missile system like the Redeye, Strela or Stinger.

The goal is to create modern man-portable anti-aircraft missile system with improved technical and performance characteristics, including:

  • increasing the probability of hitting targets;
  • increasing the height and range of hitting targets;
  • radical reduction in system cost;
  • facilitating and simplifying the rules for operating the system;
  • ensuring its effective operation against small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles that do not have a thermal signature;
  • reduction in size and weight of both the rocket and the entire system.

The results must be achieved by replacing the infrared missile target guidance system with an optimal combination of modern guidance systems.

Refusal of the infrared guidance system will simplify the missile launch scheme and increase the maximum range of hitting targets. The maximum range for hitting targets can also be increased by a significant reduction or even complete elimination of the destructive charge.

The combined guidance system will allow the missile system to be used not only against drones but also against other mobile unprotected targets.

At the first stage, it is planned to develop strike weapons for the system with work on external target designation, and at the second stage it is possible to supplement strike weapons with the development of autonomous reconnaissance and target designation systems.



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