Jack of All Elements

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Platinum and palladium are essential elements for a hydrogen economy. To retrieve them from asteroids such as Psyche takes ample electric power and a fast ship. Lunar thorium can be transmuted into uranium via accelerator-driven D-D fusion using (non-radioactive) deuterium brought from Earth. With reaction mass stored in porous silicon, doubling as radiation protection for astronauts, a nuclear thermal rocket can reach the Main Belt in three months. Centrifugal separation of platinum-group metals yields 33 MT of payload within five months. With a return trip of four months, we can retrieve one billion dollars worth of catalysts within one year. With four ships cycling, the price of platinum will plummet within seven years, making fuel cells cheaper.

Additional silicon and thorium processing on the lunar surface can produce photovoltaic panels and fission reactors which are then assembled into powersats in geostationary orbit. Beamed energy via low-density radio waves provides baseload power on Earth. At night, when demand is low, water is electrolyzed into hydrogen, which is then stored and transported in porous silicon (which is safe and earth-abundant), to for fuel cell-driven transportation and portable power.

The end result is a low-cost, zero-carbon economy available to nearly all of humanity for all time to come. As a byproduct, the ability to quickly navigate the Solar System in a manner safe for humans enhances exploration and even settlement. Because the fusion and fission are done far from Earth, there is never a radioactive payload launched through our precious biosphere.

By using the full spectrum of Nature's elements, this concept, backed by 11 U.S. patents, is the ultimate technology of the future. And, yet, it is within reach, requiring no new physics - just the will of a civilization which is facing a leviathan of its own making in anthropogenic climate change. This, my friends, is what you have been waiting for. This is the solution for which the youth of Earth hunger. Come, let us save humanity together!


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