Atmospheric Control

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Using a power source that accumulates isolated charges, gravitational fields (not proven to be a misinterpretation in macrophysics in the ongoing research) are harnessed and then can be used in Atmospheric Control. The atmospheric medium can then be used in propulsion schemes. The development requires several power sources, and polarized electromagnetic fields that will be used to interact with the atmospheric medium that has become active fuel. The fuel isn't stored and is directly turned active during the flight path.

I have already invented the power source and the IP is patent pending. This innovation of IP information hasn't been patented. It concerns gravitational field interactions with both vacuum mediums and dense atmospheric mediums. It won't be patented as a part of my Business Plans.

A fully functional craft using Flight Module Grids designed using the IP power sources will be able to fly in the Earth's atmosphere or escape Earth's gravity from the ground and traverse through the vacuum of outer space. Then it could land and easily take off from reasonably safe solar bodies. Even if it is a vacuum medium, no fuel is required than the fuel in whatever atmospheric medium.



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    Sherman Braithwaite
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