Civilian Alternative to the JetZero BWB

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Once upon a time I would have been ecstatic about the BWB becoming a reality. Now, there is another, a simpler, cheaper to produce and maintain airfoil body that can outperform the BWB/HWB in many areas. It's called the Lifting Fuselage Configuration (LFC). See patent D984,353. Using NASA's PRSEUS composite, it can be built for much less.

It is also ready for any future fuel, be it biofuel, batteries or hydrogen. Being an airfoil, the body can be modified for use as a heavy lift cargo transport or a high-speed airliner. As a wing, this patented LFC, airfoil body is designed as wing. No points! This makes for simpler airflow causing less drag. All views for pilots and passengers, except for the cockpit wind screen and emergency exit windows, will be from monitors connected to 360-degree cameras around the plane.

Don't get me wrong. The coming BWB demonstrator is an awesome achievement but let's leave this stealth capable design to the military. The airline and air cargo companies of the world do not need, nor can they afford, the BWB design. This Lifting Fuselage Configuration will check all the boxes for increased fuel economy while lowering airfares for the public as well as increasing sorely needed profits for the air transport industry.

To see that this design has scientific backing, look up work done by Reist and Zingg through the University of Toronto, Lifting Fuselage Configuration and Hybrid Wing Body studies from 2016 to present. The transfer from tube and wing to more fuel-efficient designs has been a long time coming. Let's take a good look to see which is the best design for the general public, not just a copy of the proposed military design. Also, many of the historic issues with these designs have been or can be easily addressed.


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