The VTOL Flying Hopper

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The patented Hopper propulsion system is unique with no dangerously exposed rotor blades like a helicopter and multi rotor aircraft. The Hopper with enclosed rotor blades is very safe and low noise and will be extra safe with a parachute system.

The Hopper uses thrust vectoring for steering and transitioning into wing born forward flight. The Hopper works with one engine most like the Harrier Jump Jet, but can also use more than one engine for redundancy. Electric ducted fans can be used powered by generator to extend the flight time.

The Hopper's are designed to land on water or land for all types of missions. The Hopper will auto de-ice when the aircraft is started using a jet engine for the propulsion. This will allow the Hopper to fly in harsh Arctic weather for extreme rescue missions.

New Ultra High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines are low noise and are very efficient. Biofuels have lower carbon emissions than standard aviation fuels making it a great choice for cleaner fuel. Hydrogen is also a new fuel that can be used in jet engines with no carbon emissions.

We are seeking sponsors and partners for the upcoming GoAero challenge. GoAero is looking for a First Responder Rescue Aircraft. The Rescue Hopper is the perfect fit for the GoAero challenge.

The website has the contact information. The back of the gallery has a picture of the Hyper Hopper that the patent allows the use of a ramjet engine in each of the four thrust arms.

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