Watch Tower: 360° Ground-to-Air Detection System

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This project proposes a 360-degree ground-to-air detection system designed to precisely identify and track commercial drones, including mini FPV models. The system leverages a multi-sensor approach for robust and reliable performance.

Multi-Sensor Synergy:

  • High-Resolution LiDAR: LiDAR sensors provide detailed 3D mapping, enabling accurate detection and positioning of drones in their environment.
  • Long-Range Radar: Radar units excel at long-range detection, ensuring early identification of approaching drones.
  • Visual Confirmation: Cameras, including both standard and infrared options, visually confirm detections and aid in differentiating drones from other objects.

Strategic Sensor Placement:

Sensors, including strategically positioned acoustic options, will have overlapping fields of view. This comprehensive layout eliminates blind spots and ensures complete perimeter and airspace coverage at various altitudes.

Centralized Data Fusion & Machine Learning:

An integrated system acts as the central hub, collecting and fusing data from all sensors. This data is analyzed by using machine learning algorithms for precise object classification and continuous drone tracking. High-resolution, high-frequency LiDAR specifically helps to detect small, fast-moving drones that might be challenging to track by other systems.

Real-Time Processing & Environmental Adaptability:

The system prioritizes real-time processing, enabling immediate drone tracking and response. It is also designed to adapt to various environmental conditions, including weather changes, for uninterrupted performance. Regular calibration and scenario testing conducted in diverse environments will ensure sustained system accuracy.

Automated Intervention with Human Oversight (Deploying QRF):

This system proactively safeguards critical infrastructure by deploying pre-selected response options. These options can be either autonomous or manually controlled, ensuring a quick and decisive response based on pre-defined threat scenarios. The system automatically neutralizes unauthorized drones.


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