Aeroplicity - CMMC Compliant/Zero Trust Browser

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A better way to securely browse.

The Department of Defense's CMMC mandate requires stringent cybersecurity standards for everyone in the supply chain. Achieving compliance can be complex and costly, but our Remote Browser Technology (RBI) simplifies this process. Designed to streamline CMMC-compliant web browsing, Browser enhances your security posture while being cost-effective. Part of the Aeroplicity platform—a suite of applications built for aerospace and defense — Our Browser application provides a zero-trust browsing experience, effectively separating your data from your local device and network allowing you to interact with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) without costly network upgrades.

Work with DoD Prime Contractors:

Eliminates the need for an in-scope device to interact with Tier 1 portals. Whether you need to download or upload sensitive data, Browser ensures compliance with CMMC, DFARS, NIST, and other regulatory frameworks without specialized devices, virtual machines, or extensively hardened networks.

Securely Exchange Information:

Enables secure interactions with vendors and customers from any location, device, or network. Our Browser application's secure environment ensures protected communications and data exchanges, regardless of context.

Apply Zero Trust to Your Internet Browsing:

Embracing a zero-trust approach, Our Browser application treats all networks and traffic as potential threats by default, safeguarding sensitive information from being stored on your device or network. Implementing a zero-trust model adds an extra layer of security to your browsing activities.

Innovative Security with Remote Browser Isolation:

The core of Browser's security is Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology built on FedRAMP High Authorized services, creating a virtual air gap between your browsing activity and your local environment. By isolating browsing sessions in the cloud, Our Browser application ensures potential threats online do not reach your local device or network, reducing cyber-attack and data breach risks.

Simplified Compliance:

Compliance with cybersecurity regulations like CMMC, DFARS, and NIST is often complex. Our Browser application simplifies this by embedding compliance into its architecture. Users can confidently interact with DoD Prime Contractor portals, aligning their activities with high cybersecurity standards without additional infrastructure or security measures.

Part of the Aeroplicity Platform:

Our Browser application is a key component of the Aeroplicity platform—a suite of tools built for the aerospace and defense industries' needs. Aeroplicity offers an ecosystem where each application supports the others, providing a comprehensive solution to professionals' complex challenges.

In a landscape that is changing quickly, our Browser application is a robust solution that marries security with compliance and convenience. Leveraging RBI technology and a zero-trust framework, our Browser Browser offers a secure, compliant, and efficient way to engage in web browsing and data exchange. Experience secure browsing with our Browser application and elevate your cybersecurity posture.

Explore secure browsing with our Browser application on the Aeroplicity platform and stay compliant.



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