Stavatti SM-920 Commercial Airliner

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The SM-920 is a revolutionary twin engine single aisle commercial airliner that will set a new standard for efficiency, performance, eloquence and style. It is the first airliner to benefit from an all new configuration in the last 50 years. With its distinguished style, the SM-920 will carry up to 204 passengers at near sonic speeds with unmatched economy, comfort and low environmental impact.

The SM-920 is born of the need to satisfy the tremendous demand for new single aisle airliners. A successor to the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families of aircraft, the SM-920 will help satisfy the projected market for more than 32,420 new single aisle airliners through 2042 valued at over $3.45 Trillion. The SM-920 represents a new solution entering the market at the right time.

Beginning with a $500 Million prototype program, Stavatti is raising over $4 Billion in private investment capital and public innovation funding to develop, prototype, flight test, certify and produce the SM-920. Initial prototype work will be performed at our 169,773 sq ft prototyping center located at the Niagara Falls International Airport. Mass production will be conducted at a new build aircraft manufacturing center. Following a five year development program, Stavatti anticipates the delivery of up to 400 aircraft annually.

The SM-920 configuration combines a high aspect ratio M wing optimized for transonic flight with twin engines encased in novel nacelles that incorporate variable geometry air intakes and exhaust nozzles and serve as an end junction to the horizontal stabilizer. With a single vertical stabilizer, the SM-920 has a highly swept wing and a high finness ratio, speed optimized fuselage. A modular airplane, the SM-920 will be constructed from aluminum lithium foam metal sandwich structures.

The SM-920 may be powered by twin P&W Geared turbofans or CFM LEAP turbofans. Exhaust flows through a proprietary noise damping exhaust duct and variable geometry, 2D thrust vectoring nozzle with integral thrust reversing. The SM-920 may achieve the lowest noise signature in its class while providing shorter takeoff and landing distances. With a fully integrated avionics and sensors suite, the SM-920 will benefit from Power-By-Wire flight controls and a smart, AI-driven cockpit, auto-pilot and flight management system.

With a cruise speed of 0.95 Mach and a range of over 4,200 nm the SM-920 will be disruptively efficient, delivering double digit reductions in fuel consumption, up to 75% reduction in noise footprint and up to 50% reduction in NOx. The SM-920 will be certified to fly with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), reducing lifecycle CO2 emissions by approximately 80%.

By 2035 the SM-920 will be available with Stavatti NeoThrust E750-AFT-360 engines that benefit from high temperature cermets and Plasma Combustion (PC) achieving zero emission over a multitude of hydrocarbon fuels without SAF. Stavatti's dedication to disruptive innovation will lead to the zero emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered SM-920H as well as the zero emission alpha energy powered SM-920AE.

Stavatti is pleased to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders for the SM-920 from commercial airlines worldwide.


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