Sustainable Personal Air Mobility… NOW!!!

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NFTG is developing a simple, ultra-quiet, personal air vehicle and drone, capable of rapid door-to-door mobility without requiring any operator license.

It will be powered by one of our patented rotary engines or ultra-efficient and ultra-power-dense turbo-engines of my design. [See my ENGINE contest entry]


Current modes of transportation are slow and tedious. Several companies are attempting to address these problems with a massive, electrified, vertical take-off and landing [VTOL] air-taxi approach. But this requires the usual slow, tedious land transport to centralized verti-ports that employ large VTOL craft to fly to another verti-port, only to be again driven on land to your destination. This approach has so many issues that we think this is preposterous.

In aviation, weight is everything. Battery or hybrid electric systems are anything but light-weight or ‘clean’ [they are NOT!]. Likewise for piston engines.

A better solution is needed.

The Solution

We propose a light weight, ultra-quiet[HushTech], auto-piloted, distributed system, personal air mobility and/or drone technology and networked system capable of rapidly whisking the customer directly between destinations without intermediate modes of transport.

The PersonalJet© architecture can either take the form of compact, light-weight multi-copter [multiple small prop-fan propulsion] having a one or two person cabin or, for the more ‘enthusiastic’ customer, can take the form of a strap/stand on multi-copter unit [ala James Bond/Rocket-Man] for point-to-point transport of one person. Stowable wings can be incorporated in other iterations which provide faster, longer range flight yet enable door-to-door service.

An air taxi business model is used in order to increase adoption without the usual barriers to entry new technologies can experience. This model affords the maximal usage[distributed] of the system which lowers costs. The business model also protects the inventions from pilfering/copy-cats. [NOT for military!!!]

The distributed point-to-point model avoids the costs and hassles of verti-ports/air fields.

Auto-pilot ensures flight safety, navigability and low cost.

This system is categorized as an ultra-light air vehicle, which enables rapid adoption provides for low costs.

All this is enabled by our patented, low cost, ultra-efficient, ultra-power-dense rotary Fuel-Agnostic Zero-Emissi [F.A.Z.E.] engines or turbo-engines of my design. [See my ENGINE contest entry]

...NFTG‘s game-changing Fuel-Agnostic Zero-Emission Engine [F.A.Z.E.] tech best solves issues present in previous internal combustion engines by transforming those legacy designs into simple, low cost, quiet, power dense, efficient, on-the-go liquid and gas fuel-flexible, ‘non-polluting’, architecture agnostic solutions which we are now incorporating in one of our rotary engine designs. It’s the electrification-paradigm nullifying technology.

Features/Benefits Summary:

  • Highest fuel efficiency [see graphs]
  • Maximal fuel flexibility [110% agnostic]
  • Highest specific torque [see graphs]
  • Constant maximal torque, power and efficiency at all time, load, temperature or elevation [see graphs]
  • more than 400% torque or power available in iPowerBoost©!!!
  • Lowest noise and heat with smokeless, odorless, pollution-free exhaust
  • Lowest parts count engine and vehicle architectures
  • Lowest CO2 and NOx even compared to EVs or hybrids [see graphs]
  • Most robust and durable with long life
  • Simpler, lower cost manufacture
  • Manufacturing industry ready
  • Legacy fueling and service structure ready
  • Climate-Change solved!!!


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