World's Most Powerful Handheld Laser

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Portable high power laser 120 watts capable of welding 1mm steel. The device can cut holes in steel and remove rust. The laser weighs 7 pounds and is conductive cooled. The unit is powered by safe lithium iron phosphate batteries and can operate the laser for over 240 seconds (with breaks in between uses). The laser diode module is made by Dilas lasers but I modified the unit for this application. I removed the fiber optic output system and replaced it with quartz lenses. I also removed the aluminum cover and replaced it with a piece of polycarbonate so the user can see the beautiful optics inside and inspect the unit for damage, etc. I machined the laser housing and attached a paintball trigger assembly and attached lithium iron phosphate batteries at the base of the unit. The unit is brilliantly simple and the battery and diode laser combination just happens to be a perfect combination which optimizes the system for weight and performance and reliability.

I believe this laser has applications as a tool for critical space missions and can open up a whole new category of portable and practical high power laser systems.



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    John Montello
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