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Safebly is designed to be applied to any vehicle in circulation that has a seat belt. It can be easily integrated into the seat belt without requiring any system modification. Users will be able to continue using the belt as usual, with the added confidence of having a quick and effective release system in case of emergency.

It has three main components: a retainer, an extender buckle and a safety pin hammer. These elements are integrated into the belt buckle to ensure effective operation of the device.

The system is fixed with a seal during installation, avoiding involuntary releases of the hammer and guaranteeing the traceability of each installed unit.

Anyone can install it in their vehicle without having to go to specialized centers.

In an accident or emergency situation, the user operates the hammer, breaking the seal, to release the retainer, then disengages the hammer, immediately releasing the belt. In this way, the user is freed to get out of the vehicle and help the other occupants.

Safebly gives users the peace of mind of having an effective and reliable solution to escape from crashed vehicles.

In addition to the seat belt release, Safebly provides users with a hammer that incorporates a widia tip designed to break car glass, providing users with an escape route if the doors are closed. In addition, the built-in emergency blade allows you to cut the belt of trapped passengers.

Nowadays, seat belts are vital to saving lives but sometimes they become blocked, turning them into a trap for vehicle occupants.

With Safebly we avoid having that problem in the event that the belt becomes blocked, making the seat belt even safer.

The advantages over the competition are very great, since being integrated into the belt we always have it at hand allowing for quick release and giving us the guarantee that if we panic, as is usual in an accident, even if we drop the hammer, you will be free of the seat belt, something that is impossible with existing systems.

Manufacturing is simple and low-cost since it is not a large or complex product, making the task easier for any manufacturer anywhere in the world.

With the safety measures that are applied today, Safebly is a necessary product for every vehicle because it improves the seat belt and could save many lives.



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