Phantom Driver

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The Phantom Driver Vehicle Control System is a self-contained radio-control driving system designed to fit any steering-wheel-controlled vehicle. It was originally conceived for vehicle crash testing, but can be used for any type of vehicle testing, or anytime the presence of a human operator in the vehicle is undesirable.

  • It is designed to withstand 60 MPH head-on crashes.
  • It can be installed in about 20 minutes using a few hand tools.
  • It can be removed in about 10 minutes.

I have built 4 prototypes, which have been tested in over 80 single- and multiple-vehicle crashes.

The steering, braking, and throttle controls are fully proportional, allowing a realistic, controllable driving experience.

It has a CAN interface to connect with Racelogic VBox equipment for GPS-guided steering, and automatic speed and acceleration control.

I am working on automatic braking and throttle-drop at specific locations on the test track.

All systems are assembled into one heavy-duty chassis, which sits in the driver’s seat and attaches using a combination of ratchet straps and the vehicle’s seat belt. No components of vehicle’s interior need to be removed, except for the driver’s airbag in the steering wheel, and the driver’s knee bolster air bag, if fitted.

If a driver’s seat is not present, the chassis can be installed on a platform or other mounting surface.

It is completely self-contained. It is powered by a built-in 22.2 volt lithium polymer battery. Brake actuation is powered by an built-in high-pressure air system, which provides very rapid brake activation that is easily controlled by the driver.




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