Future Multi-Hybrid Car

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The Multi-Hybrid Car can greatly saved on energy. The Unified source of energy can come from solar power from the top of the car where sunlight and daylight can easily hit and it regenerate power. Solar is undeniably one of a lasting power source that can ease our dependence on the unhealthy powersources. It can take us to new heights if used properly and can help us reduce reliance on one powersource. The electric power since it is the most stable can power the engine and the important functions of the car. Electric power is necessary and it should be considered when thinking of a certain powersource that can endure both night and day. By wear and tear, I mean it can be negative to be totally reliance on one energy source. As we know, the Electric Grid is only so strong and we need to find other sources of power to ease the pressure on it. Wind power can be useful with a car's horsepower, there is a chance on the side where the doors are at and underneath to recuperate energy and use it for necessary storage to help in emergency and prolong the life of the car. Wind power can be just as good as solar power because it comes from an element. If solar power in calculators can keep them lasting almost 30 years in school then solar power which is mostly present everyday can give the car extra power to last longer without hindering its usage. Wind power will add to the makeup of an excellent car because it will add more energy and cars could be probably keep running well pass hundred of miles or more. It creates the idea of better and greater refurbishment. Dealers can sell cars with new parts and dealers will no longer have to make new cars just build on the success of the old cars. This will greatly reduce the carbon emissions from building old cars. It will easily take out tons of emissions over the building of new cars. Further it will reduce the hole in the ozone layer. Additionally, the electric grid can only take so much. And we do not want to put the world in the position of being dependent on electricity alone. There are other additions that we could propose besides these three. We could add hydrogen as a fourth energy. We could use water and separate the hydrogen from water to give energy to the engine of the car. We can take the muffler and create a fan like a computer which will reduce and thin out the smell from hydrogen to lessen its effect on the environment. We can create a filter that is easily cleanable by a mechanic. For instance, using a small thick cotton plastic towellette, which will catch all the carbon emissions. The muffler can be replaceable and made up of a light metal or strong plastic.



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