Design of Capless Main and Crank Journals of an I.C. Engine Featuring Active Liner Lubrication

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In a bid to improve reliability, durability, overall mechanical efficiency and reduce cost of production of modern Internal Combustion Engines, I have designed a four cylinder power plant that eliminated capping of main and crank journals along with bolting and split metal bearings. The design features a well balanced, reenforced assembled crankshaft with full ring metal bearings for main and crank journals. This design will ensure uniform hydrodynamic lubrication on the rotating surfaces due to uniform tolerance of the full ring metal bearings. The design also reduces suspectible points of failure from two to one for improved durability. The absence of capping and bolting of main and crank journals will contribute in cost reduction.

The design also introduces the Active Liner Lubrication (ALL) technique where a smooth unhoned polished cylinder liner is mated with a set of zero blow-by piston rings for reduced friction losses of liner- rings interaction. ALL ensure hydrodynamic lubrication between the piston rings and liners even at TDC-BDC piston reversals.This innovation alone can improve the overall mechanical efficiency of the engine by over 5%.

The ALL technique also ameliorates the issue of lubrication oil contamination experienced in hydrogen burning IC engines. This is because the technique limits contact between the hydrogen fuel and the Lubrication oil. Hydrogen burning IC engines have become the mainstay of zero emission power plants and adoption of ALL will contribute in reduction of our carbon footprint in power generation.

These innovative features can adopted for petrol fuelled SIEs, Diesel fuelled CIEs and water injection hydrogen fuelled CIEs.


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    Chukwudi Ezebuilo
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