SIBAYU Air Cleaning System for Automobiles

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Tail pipe gases from automobiles are always a bone of contentions between civil societies, regulatory body and ICE engine manufacturers. Over the period, engine technology made tremendous upgradations (with higher cost penalty), mostly for ICE based engines to meet stringent emission norms for cleaner environment.

My air cleaning Sibayu system on Automobiles will try to redeem this bad image to a great extent, simply by cleaning large volume of dirty ambient air while in use. All automobile vehicle (including EV and Hydrogen fuel cell driveline vehicle) will suck the ambient air from wheel and tire interfaces through modified wheel arches and vacuum pump. This dirty air from road will be filtered from all impurities including PM2.5, PM10 by using suitable HEPA and active Carbon filters on the vehicle filtration. This filtered and clean air will be used for all other vehicular needs like for ICE, cabin air conditioning purpose and release the larger volume of the clean air to the ambient.

Actually, automobiles will add another functionality as an air cleaner other than transportation of man and material.

Regulatory bodies should welcome this move of the vehicle manufacturers by incentivizing their road tax amount reduction based on the release of clean air volume in the atmosphere.

This Sibayu system can also be mounted on trucks as an air cleaning mobile unit for construction and garbage burning sites near the cities. This will help to clean the ambient air to greater extent.

Basically, Sibayu system will be a real time filter system of the ambient air in true sense and make our cities more livable.


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