Engine Technology: Automotive and Marine with Additive Manufacturing, ADAS, Battery/Energy Storage

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The present engines are designed to new concepts with changes in fuels like METHANOL AND H2 ICE APPLICATION revolution in AUTOMOTIVE and in MARINE, as the fossil fuels were replaced with the alternative fuel concept designs and with respect to the fuel concepts. Automotive systems are changing rapidly with respect to the hybridization and EVs and with H2 ICE, this causes the global change's in automotive applications in specifically with powertrain of the vehicles and even the entire automobile technology and its manufacturing process because design plays important role in perception of the changes in automotives from conventional vehicle's to EVs and H2ICE.

The technology and the methods of DOE are differing from conventional vehicles programs to software defined vehicle's and the IDEA behind the CARBON FOOTPRINT to reduce the emissions globally, but the chemistry is very important in the design of fuel concept's as Calorific value of the flues changes in its form according to the applications of the automobile from lighter to heavier its changes in construction and designs because of the power to weight ratio of the vehicles and this effects the product life cycle for the new variant in automobiles to take care of the product it requires stable study as automotive plays important role in the GLOBE.AND with respect to the specific ENGINE in applications with MARINE : Methanol is replacing the conventional Fossil fuels as the engines are operated with DUAL FUELS. As methanol is operated with retrofit designs as the systems and technology are adopted in running conditions in marine. AS the Energy storage design does not effect the system of the engine in marine operations in TWO STROKE AND FOUR STOKE of the engines, because of the LOW NOX of the engines and the other EMISSION NORMS with IMO regulations are important.

The presentation attached with the Automotive and in Marine applications which also works in industrial applications for energy based power pants and also the engines and automotive technology wide used the new concepts of manufacturing like 3d printing application where the design and the manufacturing depends on the prototyping of the product which specifically referred with material study of different material like metal and PLASTICS, and with the product it will change to the cost analysis of the prototyping and it is major advantage in the present technology, Even the 3D printing (additive manufacturing) needs the material science and Metallurgy back ground to understand the physics tht is the mechanism of the component's structures and LATTICE of the body in application with Automotive or Marine and could be in the other applications of 3d printing technology in the manufacturing process with 3d printing applications. Even worked in Dassault product with software Catiav5 in the automotive designs GLOBALLY with customers like Chrysler and webasto, iwis in engine timing guide rails and in the complicated designs like roof, thermo and in body dimensional engineering where powertrain plays the major role as DOE is VIP.



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