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How often do we step out of our electric vehicles and forget to plug them in? Our lives are bustling with activity. When we exit our car, our hands are full. Our minds are preoccupied with work, kids in the backseat, or groceries in the trunk. We unbuckle the kids. Then, they are racing inside the house. We follow them while forgetting to plug the vehicle into the charging station. It happens. The next day, we find the battery drained, the kids are late to school, and we are late to work.

We need an “UNPLUGED” subroutine reminding us to plug our vehicle into a charging station. A warning that informs us the battery is low and the inevitable morning delay may occur. This phone application could check for a charging connection and then sound a preset phone alarm. It could be a warning text telling us the vehicle needs to be plugged in. Or, it could monitor the battery, letting the owner know the charge has dropped below a selected level. The phone application could be part of a current vehicle monitoring system or developed for a next-generation vehicle that remains connected to our phones or the internet. It would be a simple convenience for an evolving electric vehicle world.


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    Jeffrey Vande Voort
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