CO2 Exhaust Converter for Vehicles

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Eliminating automotive CO2 would benefit present day efforts to clean up the air. Automotive exhaust is a challenging subject regarding elimination of all emissions. Presently CO2 is a concern, contribuiting to global warming. This problematic gas is not presently processed on board the vehicle, although it is possible. A pre stage added to present day catalytic converter attcks the problem. Combined 1,500 degree exhaust gas passing through an electric field powerd by the vehicle, is intended to split CO2 into C and 02. Onboard computer can control field strength resulting in free oxygen passing to the classic converter stage. Remaining byproducts are catalyzed as usual. Since the 1st stage may not be 100% efficient, carbon monoxide is reduced in the second stage.

Research has revealed several factors existing in high temperature exhaust can be used in a conversion process. Vehicles' electrical system provides the power to operate the converter and on board computer can controll the process, if necessary. On board CO2 advanced converter may increase the cost of the vehicle.

Catalitic converter onboard approach was successfull in reducing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrates of oxygen. Adding a pre stage to the device may be a low cost approach, following a proven succesful automotive system design.



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