How can we Creative, Civilized Humans be so NON-CREATIVE?

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It has been 50 to 70 years and still no entrepreneurial genius human minds have successfully solved the problem of overly packed, crawling freeways. Everyday millions of people accept this huge waste of their time as a normal part of life and just complain, INSTEAD of doing something about it.

Today's public transportation systems are obsolete, expensive jokes. Worse, adding an additional freeway lane in each direction is amazingly expensive and unfortunately just temporarily useful.

It's time to think differently and start including all the technologies available today. It's feasible to eliminate this rush hour waste of time and human productivity. How about we focus instead on creative new transportation methods that can MAXIMIZE Capacity per Hour Per DOLLAR?

Most interesting is by adding this PER DOLLAR TERM to maximize capacity per hour, INSTANTLY eliminates subway and light rail systems as possible solutions.

What really causes rush hour congestion?

The biggest contributor to today's congestion (and environmental problems) is the high number of solo drivers on our freeways during the AM & PM rush hours. USA Government studies show that 80% of all drivers during peak hours are driving alone. What's really insane, these SOLO drivers only represent a tiny fraction of the overall weight of their vehicles, typically between 3% and 6%. Whether its powered by gasoline or electricity, an astounding 94% to 97% of the energy is consumed to accelerate and propel the much larger weight of the automobile itself. Are there ways to use significantly less energy to safely and at the same time motivate a good percent of these SOLO car drivers to switch to something new and different?

For SOLO drivers, my idea is small energy-efficient, autonomous, elevated, computer-chauffeured SOLO Pods. Doing that properly means much lighter weight, way less aerodynamic drag, and thus a lot less emissions and pollution. STAR Pods can greatly reduce Carbon Footprint and improve air quality. Inventing car pool lanes has never solved congestion.

We need to start giving people what they don't even know they need, not what the think they want! "Steve Jobs" Yeah! ADA laws? No, it will not carry wheelchairs. I have yet to meet one of those closed minded politicians who have actually read through all of the ADA laws.

All current public transit systems run on FIXED TIME SCHEDULES and on FIXED ROUTES, thus MUST comply with ADA laws. In contrast Uber is a good example of an exempt DEMAND RESPONSE system, which transports you when you want and to anywhere you want. Unfortunately, Uber commuters traveling on freeways still waste their valuable time having to deal with those same rush hour hassles.

A solution would be to provide elevated 75 MPH cruise, 250 MPGe STAR Pods traveling non-stop, autonomously above surface traffic that are parallel and adjacent to freeways. Intermediate stations are all offline and only depart the main guideway at your destination station.

See illustrations and video for more technical clarification.



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