Flying Motorcycles

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I have designed two different Flying Motorcycles (FM) and one Flying Bicycle. The first FM is 'roadable aircraft' categorized as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that employs our proprietary modified and harnessed, ram-air inflated parafoil type parawing, and has eXtreme Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) performance and is intended to function as a low-speed personal air vehicle (PAV) in the nascent Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) environment, on a localized basis. For flight, the parawing is deployed. For ground operations, the convertible parawing is lowered, removed, stowed away and taken along for the ride. Because of the aircraft's XSTOL performance, it will be able to operate univerally independent of the need to access airports or future vertiports in that it can takeoff and land just about anywhere there is a couple hundred feet of clearance.

The second design is a fixed-wing Flying Motorcycle based on a 'canard' type configuration. As a heavier, faster machine, it would be certified as a Part 23 aircraft and would require access to general aviation type airfields for flight. For ground operations, the wings are removed and either left behind at the airport FBO or towed along with the motorcycle during roadway operations.

A third design is a Flying Bicycle that would qualify as a low-speed ultralight aircraft, and would employ the convertible parawing as its source of lift. Essentially, this is a limited recreational vehicle that can only be enjoyed under to best of weather conditions.

The preferred propulsion would be battery or a hybrid based systems for all three vehicle concepts.

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