ADAS: Truck Steer Tire Blowout Crash Avoidance System

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A truck steer tire blowout can either be properly managed, OR it can turn into a horrific and devastating event. The truck tire blowout shown in my photo illustration killed two people because the out-of-control truck fatefully veered into their path of travel. Loss of H-D vehicle control caused by a steer tire blowout could be totally avoidable by application of an appropriate ADAS control system to help warn the driver of impending steer tire failure and, if necessary, control the vehicle in the event of an unexpected steer tire rupture. As obvious as the issue and the solution may seem to be, I can find no evidence that it exists. I have 20 US patents. I am pretty good at this stuff. This concept should/must be developed and implemented. It would be a real-world highway safety improvement for all of us.

How to do this?

Starting with a truck platform equipped with these existing advanced technologies:

  • Lane-Keeping
  • Radar Cruise Control
  • Blind-Spot Detection
  • Stability Control
  • ABS
  • TPMS

Warning System-

Develop a control algorithm that senses impending steer tire danger by looking at Low (or diminishing) steer tire TPMS pressure and/or evolving (increasing) steer tire ABS wheel speed revs/mile.

This could be enhanced by adding an accelerometer to each end of the steer axle that could detect an abnormal harmonic and warn of an impending tire failure. It can sense an warn of a new prevailing steering “pull”. The system could, alert the driver (light and or alarm) and could slow or limit the travel speed and also turn on emergency flashers and prepare both the driver and truck for an emergency steer tire blowout response. It could even help the driver detect and navigate around road hazards.

Driver Control Assistance System-

In the event of a steer tire blowout, the control algorithm could keep the truck in its lane until control is regained. It can turn on Hazard flashers. It can override programmed speed and throttle parameters to allow system throttle application as needed, it can apply whatever steer force and steer angle as dictated by lane keeping, it can monitor surrounding traffic and help keep the rig out of the path of other motorists. The Stability Control and control of individual brakes can help keep path of travel, stability and control. Brake activation by the driver can be managed and even mitigated as required until vehicle is slowed and under control.

This system is more necessary than ever. Modern trucks are often traveling at max posted speed and programmed to limit any additional speed and not allow the additional throttle application recommended for regaining control. Also steering geometry caster angles have increased and allowable steering turn angles are increased. A steer tire blowout is now harder control than it has previously been. It is high time to let technology help make the event a benign one!


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