Improving Electric Vehicles

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An improvement of Electric Vehicle (EV) driving distance can be achieved by using a built in internal combustion engine (ICE) powered generator and two battery units (1&2).

While one battery unit (1) is driving the vehicle the other is being charged by the ICE-generator and when unit(1) is discharged to a predetermined level the battery connections are switched and unit (2) is used to power the vehicle and unit (1) allowed to be charged. The cycle is then repeated by switching again.

Since the ICE is not used to power the vehicle directly, then the ICE can be set at a constant speed ( and charging rate) and can be optimized for peak performance, and since no acceration of the ICE is needed it can be modified later and optimized for other fuel types.

If the ICE unit can be optimized for non-polluting fuels (eg, hydrogen or ammonia) then the charging process can be continues even when the vehicle is parked, with suitable safety precautions. This will alleviate the need for "plug in" charging stations.

If ammonia is used as a fuel the combustion products are nitrogen and water, and since water can be easily condensed it will leave nitrogen available to be used after cooling to blanket the battery unit to inhibit or extinguish any fire hazard.


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