Magnetic Braking System for Automobiles

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The braking system is the most important safety system in automobiles and vehicle and helps bring the vehicle to a complete stop. A well-maintained car braking system is vital for road safety. Basically there are three brakes types namely, mechanical brake, hydraulic brake and air brakes. Most of the two and four wheel vehicles use either disc brake or drum brake in car and brake liner in motor bikes for breaking system. Ceramic brake pads are used in modern cars for low noise and minimal dust protection. It is seen that these braking system though found to be effective, may get fail during monsoon or on slope driving due to continuous brake friction, resulting into accidents. In the proposed design a magnetic brake system is suggested in which magnets are used to control the speed and stop the vehicle. With more pedal power vehicle can stop immediately. When brake pedal pressure is applied brake shoe pushes magnetic brake pad towards the metallic wheel and due to the magnetic attraction towards the metal, wheel rotation stops as magnet holds the rotation.

A simple arrangement of drum brake system is illustrated in the design in which semicircular magnetic brake pads are attached at the brake shoes. After application of the break these magnetic pads can stop the vehicle immediately. Magnetic brake shoes may not require regular maintenance like normal brake pads. Moreover, vehicle can stop immediately after application of breaks in case of emergency.


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