Common Issue Recorder During Travel

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In today's world, we find many issues and requirements at many places during our travel from Source to Destination. However, we would like to see continuous improvements in those places. Many of the times, it is not an individual problem, but it belongs to the entire society. For example, Slippery Road, Mud Road, Uneven Hump, Pothole, Water Overflow, Mist, Snow, Rocky Road and Blocked Roads are common public issues related to road and we would have witnessed many of our near or distant relatives or friends losing life due to this. This is present everywhere around the world. Similarly you would also find Orphans begging for food and shelter at multiple locations. If orphans are taken care by criminals, you can imagine how bad the world will be in their hands. But if they are there with proper orphanages with facility, you can imagine the progress of the nation from these orphans. Many times you find that at some locations you have a requirement for Skywalk, Footpath, Rest Room, Oxygen Cylinder, etc. Until and unless these data are transmitted by citizen to right authority in the corresponding Government of respective nation, required improvements are never known.

An Android Application titled "Common Issue Recorder During Travel" is developed to facilitate the individuals in reporting the type of solution required to Government Authority of respective nation in the form of Excel File with GPS location.

This application is made as an open source and shared to multiple people through Indian Government's Mann Ki Baat and other ways.

Link of the dedicated Android Application is as follows:

Link of the video detailing about the developed application is as follows:




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