CabiBUS Sustainable Mobility

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Now, when Waymo and other companies has shown that autonomous cars can offer lower cost door-to-door passenger transportation, it is time to produce the best autonomous car for this purpose. Cities all over the world have problems with traffic congestions and pollution, mainly because of too many cars on the streets. So it is obvious that this new mobility service must be shared, and as an example, Oslo, Norway, plans to replace 50% of the car traffic with 20,000 SAV, Shared Autonomous Vehicles.

But recent research has found that many people are afraid and uncomfortable with sharing rides with strangers in a car without a driver. I saw this problem already in 2014 and made a patent application for my solution CabiBUS with individual and exchangeable cabins. The patent was granted in 2018.

The car has three doors on each side, each door gives entrance to a private cabin for one person, or two travelling together. Six cabins is the optimal number of cabins since it gives a good capacity as public transportation and not too many stops for drop of or pick up other passengers during the travel. There is also a rear cabin that can be booked for a wheelchair passenger, offering a valuable improvement in their mobility alternatives. It can also be booked for baby stroller or large baggage.

Each cabin has a complete electronic control box with backup battery, wireless Internet connection and GPS.

Large touch screen with several selectable windows: Front camera view, navigation map, estimated time to goal, video call, tourist information, TV, Internet, light and temperature settings.

The cabin has fresh air ventilation with selected temperature and when a passenger leaves the cabin and before the next passenger is picked up, strong UV-C LED lamps floods ultraviolet light over the surfaces in the cabin to kill possible bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes. This is the only way to offer full infection safety in public transit, especially important during pandemics.

Cabin prototype is built, see image.

Exchangeable cabins. The passenger cabins can be replaced with parcel delivery boxes, especially on evenings and weekends when there is lower demand for passenger transportation and most people are at home and can receive their orders.

Using the same vehicles for both passenger transports and last miles deliveries results in improved total economy and enables lower costs for both alternatives than other alternatives. It also reduces the energy, material and other resources needed for manufacturing batteries and vehicles.

CabiBUS will use the best autonomous Level 4 systems available, Waymo Driver is the leading and is the first choice for US and European markets, but it will also be possible to use other systems if it is preferred in other parts of the world. As a RoboStaxi (Robo-Shared-taxi) CabiBUS will offer a really attractive alternative to private cars and will help the world to meet important Sustainable Development Goals and targets.


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