Device Intended to Warn in an Auditory or Visual Manner the Driver of a Motorized Vehicle that He has Reached or Exceeds the Speed

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Device intended to warn in an auditory or visual manner the driver of a motorized vehicle that he has reached or exceeds the speed predefined by himself on the device.

It is a device allowing the driver of a motorized vehicle to be warned by an auditory or visual signal as soon as the speed of his vehicle has exceeded the maximum speed level that he himself has predefined on the device, thus avoiding constantly looking at your speedometer. It comprises a needle (1) which superimposes a second needle (2) having a projection (6) and attached to the first (1) by a spring (5). When the speed indicator needle (3) hits the projection (6), the electricity conveyed in the projection (6) by the power wire (13) connected to the battery (11) passes into the wire power supply (14) of the auditory or sound signal (12) which sounds. The spring (5) maintains the second needle (2) at the predefined level as soon as the speed is lower than the first needle (1).

Road signs around the world could be equipped with a magnetic chip that could automatically adjust the maximum authorized speed as the vehicle passes and thus warn the driver of the vehicle if he exceeds the speed.


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