Intelligent Wheel Safety System: AI-Enhanced Tire Safety and Sustainability with Wheel Airbag Technology

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The Intelligent Wheel Safety System (IWSS): AI-Enhanced Tire Safety and Sustainability with Wheel Airbag Technology. This document adheres to the guidelines provided and includes all necessary engineering information, calculations, drawings, and specifications as requested.


Our innovation, the Intelligent Wheel Safety System (IWSS), focuses on the following specific areas:

  • Component 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Module for Puncture Detection
  • Component 2: Wheel Airbag Deployment System
  • Component 3: Computer Vision System for Road Condition Analysis.

Engineering Drawings: AI Module Circuit Diagrams:

  1. The circuit diagrams illustrate the hardware components of the AI module, including sensors for pressure monitoring, microcontrollers for data processing, and communication interfaces for integration with other system components.
  2. Each sensor's connection to the microcontroller and the data flow within the AI module are depicted in detail to ensure proper implementation and functionality.

The Intelligent Wheel Safety System (IWSS) represents a groundbreaking innovation poised to revolutionize road safety in Nigeria and beyond. Through meticulous engineering, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships, the IWSS offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate the risks associated with tire-related accidents and improve overall driving safety.

By integrating cutting-edge components such as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) module for puncture detection, the Wheel Airbag Deployment System, and the Computer Vision System for road condition analysis, the IWSS ensures real-time monitoring and swift response to potential hazards on the road. These components work synergistically to enhance vehicle stability, mitigate accident risks, and safeguard the lives of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Furthermore, the technical specifications, calculations, and simulations presented underscore the robustness and reliability of the IWSS under diverse driving conditions. From AI-powered puncture detection algorithms to the precise timing of airbag deployment and accurate road condition analysis, every aspect of the system has been meticulously designed and tested to meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

In addition to its technical prowess, the IWSS holds immense potential for investment and collaboration. Recommendations for potential investors, including government-owned entities like the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and the Bank of Industry (BOI), as well as private firms such as Chapel Hill Denham, highlight the broad appeal and societal impact of the innovation.

In essence, the IWSS not only addresses immediate safety concerns on Nigerian roads but also contributes to the broader goals of sustainable development and economic prosperity. By reducing the incidence of accidents, minimizing environmental impact, and fostering innovation in the automotive sector, the IWSS paves the way for a safer and more resilient transportation infrastructure in Nigeria and sets a precedent for safety advancements worldwide.


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