Mono Wheel Seated E Vehicle

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The Monowheel Undertaking presents the design and evaluation of a single-wheeled electric vehicle for personal transportation. This innovative concept prioritizes efficiency, sustainability, and user safety in urban environments. The Monowheel integrates cutting-edge hardware, motor control systems, and an intuitive steering interface. The project adheres to established mechanical and electrical design principles, focusing on material selection, motor efficiency improvement, and gyroscopic stabilization for enhanced balance.

This project aims to contribute to the evolving landscape of urban transportation by offering a minimal and eco-friendly personal mobility option. The design prioritizes a lightweight, strong chassis, proper wiring connections, and a robust safety system. Finite element analysis ensures the Monowheel can withstand expected loads during operation. A well-balanced case configuration is crucial for rider safety during falls and for maintaining stability and self-balancing functionality.

The Monowheel Undertaking acknowledges the growing trend towards single-wheeled and hybrid electric vehicles. The project builds upon existing research on e-bike frame materials and leverages advancements in computational modeling to evaluate the Monowheel's behavior. The in-wheel motor design and exchangeable battery system further highlight the advancements in electric vehicle technology.

By combining mechanical and electrical engineering principles, the Monowheel Undertaking presents a promising solution for sustainable and efficient urban transportation.


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    Vegashini Nb
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