”COCOON PELV” Personal Electric Light Vehicle

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A vehicle designed for urban and commuter transportation, it seeks to reduce the spatial footprint on roads and highways, streamlining agile transportation, being friendly to the environment, and protected as if inside a cocoon from inclement weather.

The user has the need to transport himself and his load protected from the environment. being able to park in small spaces.

Cocoon does not seek to compete with other vehicles, its proposal evolves the way of transporting to work or for the delivery of packages and fast food, to be used on weekends heading to the beach, the countryside, or small camping sites.

Cocoon was designed as a vehicle between an electric bicycle and a parcel delivery EV, the space to be occupied on the streets should not be greater than that of a medium-sized electric Cycle, with a light tubular chassis and several spaces. load at both ends. The cargo compartments can be removed to accommodate larger packages or loads. or even a companion sitting in Tandem.

Cocoon Starting from the idea of efficiently using the internal and external space of the vehicle, a volumetric study was carried out with real measurements. A tubular chassis design is proposed, which is resistant, and light and allows the accommodation of automotive mechanisms and optimizing cargo space.
The moped part is designed to be electric, to accommodate the battery pack there is a tunnel right in the lower center of the vehicle, which serves as protection in case of impact, and helps to lower its center of gravity.

”COCOON PELV” Personal Electric Light Vehicle.

Cocoon, is designed for small or medium trips, to go to the beach and enjoy the weekend, or to make last-mile deliveries. Evolve your way of transporting yourself, within a safe shell.


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