To Reduce Traffic Congestion Using Predictive Analysis and Smart Traffic Management

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Idea: Problem identification for smart traffic management to reduce congestion on the roads.

So first of all we will talk about the smart system.

Traffic prediction and Optimization

Nowadays every car has smart systems like touch screen displays of android or ios systems that are best used for maps and navigation. With the use of this, we get detail of the routes before we reach there. We can avoid busy routes with the help of that.

How AI can depict the routes are busy?

Using Real-time traffic data and predictive analysis

Real-time traffic data – Current state of traffic on roadways is bothersome. Road accidents and traffic congestions due to so are frequent events. The data of this traffic prone spots can be collected from various sources like GPS devices, sensors and mobile apps.

Predictive Analysis

By using this method, future traffic conditions based on current and past data can be predicted using Statistical algorithms, ML and other analytical techniques. So, Combination of real-time traffic data and predictive analysis will provide users an up-to-date information about current traffic conditions.

Autonomous Vehicles

These vehicles can communicate with each other and can contribute to reduce congestion. So, we can install this kind of devise in other vehicles too that are manual. This type of communication technology is called vehicle to vehicle communication.

Problem identification:


We can take the example of a bat. It can produce ultrasonic waves. These longitudinal mechanical waves having frequencies greater than 20000Hz are used as transmitters and receivers. These bats sense the distance and nearby objects for their preys using sounds.

Similarly, we can use ultrasonic transmitters and receivers to reduce traffic congestion. We can embed these signal poles in sideways of the roads within the area of 200-300m to spot the cars. On the top of the poles, these transmitters and receivers are installed to spot the vehicles. If it sense the vehicles that are 50-60m far from signal, and if some of them change their route then traffic signal will remain neutral. But in case a lot vehicles are coming straight in direction continuously and the vehicle that are actually waiting on the signal then time of green light of the signal will automatically increase.

And for safety of people who are crossing the roads, there will be pedestrian sensors that will help them to cross the streets safely. This sensor will detect the people or animals and will remain green until they cross the roads.


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