Cost-effective High-performance Sustainable Lightweight Automotive Body Structures

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Reducing vehicle weight has been one of the hardest challenges for auto manufacturers to address, as the demand for increased comfort, safety, connectivity, interactivity, and natural/sustainable materials all to add vehicle curb weight, and high-performance lightweight materials are typically expensive, produce volumes too low for mass adoption, and often increase waste headed to our landfills.

WEAV3D takes a different approach to enable auto manufacturers a solution to reduce vehicle weight and incorporate more natural/sustainable materials at a mass scale. We design and produce mass-tailored woven lattice reinforcements from thermoplastic unidirectional fiber-reinforced tapes, optimized using advanced simulation software, which are then combined with conventional mass-production molding processes to create cost-effective structural, sustainable plastic parts capable of replacing materials such as structural steel, aluminum, and even carbon fiber parts. WEAV3D technology combines weaving and composite consolidation into an automated, continuous process that reduces waste, cycle time and material handling costs, enabling lightweight, strong, durable products which can be upcycled at end-of-life.



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