K-Optics Optical Educational Kit

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K-Optics, the optics department of Kilim Plastics Ltd, manufactures and supplies optical educational kits for high school and university students. With optics being a growing field in both daily life and industry, the educational sector is investing more in the science of optics. Our kits, practical and affordable, provide students with limitless capabilities to conduct experiments, fostering genuine competence in understanding optics and encouraging innovation in the field.

We make optical kits capable of showcasing several experiments. Our kits are made mostly from injection molded engineering grade glass filled polymers, and they operate similarly to industry standard products, but at a lower cost. Our kits are modular. This allows users to come up with their own experiments, even by adding other industry products which are also compatible with our kits.

you can find out more in our website: www.k-optics.co.il



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    Nimrod Kilim
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    • Ishy Shalomov
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