A D.I.Y Pull-back Micro Racer using Wind-up Spring

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Ah.....pull back micro racers. Didn't we all have them in our childhood?

Let us bring our childhood back once again. Presenting the all new D.I.Y( do it yourself) pull-back Micro Racer.

Let's dig deeper to understand the mechanism behind the working of this model.

Components Used:

i)A set of 5 different gears
X 1
ii)Two identical wheels of suitable diameter
X 1
iii)A wind-up coil/spring
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iv)A plastic chassis and body to cover it
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v)A metallic axle
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Our childhood has gone through playing with multiple toys of different shapes and varieties.We didn't know anything back then but now we all have grown up and it is the high time to uncover the mechanism behind working of a pull- back micro racer.

Key points regarding this project:

  1. To be more precise, it's basically just a spring compressed gear and a gear ratio amplifier, so that way the torque is lower and the speed is higher. It also has a clutch-like mechanism, so that way it decouples the spring mechanism from the axle if you want to just push the car forwards.
  2. It could be build at home out of 3d printed parts.It is fun seeing these types of gadgets going at lighting speed then crashing or falling instantly.
  3. Fun Time: Put the eraser on it and ride it to your friend and see it flying due to momentum, not the car but the eraser.


Build something out of the box (a visionary approach) :- If we could make this thing hundreds time bigger then we can power that with hydraulic engine with power of crankshaft by hands or by weight or by sea saw so we get lots of free electricity for charging many gadgets.Use very strong spring which turns the flywheel and it turned the dynamo so that we get continues supply of energy and electricity production become smooth for an hour and we can use our weight as power source if we make foot operated hydraulic system.


This project requires basic knowledge of gears and how they work in an arrangement.

Lastly I would like to thank the Mouser Electronics for hosting this challenge.I am grateful to you for providing me opportunity to showcase hidden talent and skills.It is a kind of golden opportunity for all especially the engineering students.



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