Design and Development of Special Purpose Machines for Mango Pulping Process Modernization Using Solar Power

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  1. The start of working of cutter is done by a handle connecting with the cutter mechanism by Bowden Cable.
  2. By this design harmful fluid that come out of a mango when plucked from the tree can be avoided to touch the mangoes which will increase life of mangoes.
  3. Plucked mango will slide with the help of cloth to the storage box.   4. Simple design with easily work with.

A shift towards modernisation is evident in mango harvesting, which is driven by efficiency and sustainability. The development of a solar-powered mango plucking device is at the forefront, poised to revolutionise mango pulping processes while emphasising solar energy.
Harnessing Solar Energy:

Solar panels integrated into the device power its operations, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources and lowering operational costs and carbon emissions. This aligns with global sustainability goals while leveraging abundant sunlight in mango-growing regions.
Design Philosophy:

The mango plucking device prioritises simplicity, efficiency, and adaptability. Ergonomic design ensures ease of use, while lightweight yet durable materials enhance portability and sturdiness. Telescopic arms accommodate varying tree heights, and modular components facilitate easy maintenance and repair.
Functionality and Innovation:

Equipped with precision sensors and actuators, the device identifies ripe mangoes and delicately plucks them from branches, minimising damage and preserving fruit quality. Advanced algorithms optimise plucking patterns, enhancing efficiency while minimising energy consumption. Real-time data monitoring allows for remote operation and performance tracking, empowering farmers with actionable insights. IoT connectivity enables seamless integration into farm management systems, fostering digitalisation and data-driven agriculture.
Field Testing and Optimization:

Rigorous field testing validates performance under real-world conditions, with iterative improvements made in collaboration with farmers and agricultural experts. Feedback mechanisms ensure the device meets mango pulping process requirements across diverse geographies.
Impact and Future Prospects:

Adopting solar-powered mango plucking devices promises to transform the industry, driving productivity, sustainability, and socio-economic development. Reducing labour dependency and increasing operational efficiency empowers farmers to optimise resources and maximise yields. Additionally, solar power integration contributes to greenhouse gas mitigation, fostering a greener and more sustainable agri-food sector.

The design and development of a solar-powered mango plucking device epitomise the fusion of technology and sustainability in agriculture. Through its innovative design and solar energy utilisation, it has the potential to revolutionise mango harvesting practices, empowering farmers and fostering environmental stewardship. As this pioneering solution gains traction, it sets a precedent for transformative innovation in agriculture worldwide.



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