Autonomously Capturing Critical Copper From Local Council Dumps

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There is some 60 million tons of already mined and processed critical mineral copper wasting away in local council dumps. By autonomously ploughing through the rubbish with our awrd winning MINE THE BEST. LEAVE THE REST mineral extraction mining system, copper can be harvested in tity octahedrals and tetrahedrals (TOTS) and closely identified and isolated using HSI (hyper spectral imaging technologies). While intended for underground gold extraction, critical copper and other materials like rare earth materials and ferrites can be also identified, isolated and brought back to the surface as part of the smart harvesting process.

There is high pressure water and a garnet feed used in the cutting process and this is also recycled. As for the waste, the type of waste is recorded and then packed into the void that the machine has just travelled through, so no chance of cave-ins etc, and in the future if these 'left behind' materials are wanted, then the system has already prepared them for easy extraction!


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    Donald Yates
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