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Cleansy is a product that combines two products that are essential for personal health: toothbrush and toothpaste. With Cleansy, washing your teeth in your work, university of outside of home won`t be a problem, it`s design makes it compact and simple, perfect for all ages. Clenasy is as simply as it works, you have 3 importante parts, first, the part of the toothbrush itself, that can be replaceable within 2-3 months.

The second part is the container of the UV light, a special addition for our product that guarantees the ideal clean and desinfectation of you toothbrush. And the final part is the container of the toothpaste, made with plastic TPU that makes it flexible for a much better use, this container also can be recharge at any time, with any toothpast of your election.


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    Brenda Rivas
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    • Allison Quiñones
    • Paul Sauvaud
    • Sthefania Riega
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