Banana Peel Paper

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In the present days interest in agricultural waste has increased to explore their benefits from this waste. Wood is being used everywhere for making of paper as raw material. Wood pulp, bamboo, molasses, bagasse and cellulose fiber are essential for paper production. Old newspaper and all used paper packing material are also used for making of paper after recycling. However, wood is basic substance used in paper industry. Use of plastic is proven to be harmful for our environment because it is non-biodegradable and emits toxic gases if burnout. With the increasing use of paper for number of applications and in the packaging industry, trees are getting cut resulting in deforestation and environmental imbalance. We have attempted to make paper from banana peels. Banana peels are thick and fibrous, which helps in making of paper. Fiber holds molecules together during the paper making process. In its crude form, peels are cut into pieces and boiled in a pressure pan. After cooling down, they all smashed and pulp is formed. After adding some ingredients, water is added and a thin layer of solution is spread over fine mesh. After drying a paper is taken out as illustrated in image. The paper appeared to be natural brown without adding any color.

The process and the experiment was carried out at a very basic level at room temperature and obtained very good results as illustrated in the image. However, with a more scientific approach, a proper banana peel paper can be manufactured at larger scale.


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