Swirl Flame LPG Canteen Burner

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In swirl flame canteen burner, the mixing tube is fitted with lower part of burner barrel tangentially at 20-degree inclination with the barrel horizontal axis so that, perfect homogeneous mixing of gas air mixture is achieved due to swirling motion of mixture inside of barrel for tangential entry of high velocity mixture from mixing tube. The indigenous process of mixing of pre-flame mixture improves the quality of combustion.

Due to swirling motion of flame, residential time of flame in contact with cooking pot is increased thus, thermal efficiency is increased.

This innovative product was under support of startup India.

The burner has been tested in the test centre of Indian Institute of Petroleum. Measured thermal efficiency was found higher than existing all LPG commercial cooking burners available in Indian market for same gas burning rate. The swirl burner consumes 94% LPG in compare with 100% LPG consumption in all available canteen burners for same heat generation.

Even in a small canteen one 18 kg gas cylinder is consumed in one to maximum two days. Therefore a noticeable amount of LPG can be saved by the use of this new product.

The burner is made of stainless steel so, the cost is higher than existing canteen burners but as this new burner is a fuel saving burner so payback period of additional price is only one to two months.



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