Lightweight Roof Made of Natural Material That Will Last for Centuries

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Throughout my life the roof of the house I live in has been updated three times. A similar situation can be observed in my neighbors. The roof, made of slate, is not immune from cats that jump on it, hunting for birds and mice, over time it cracks and needs to be replaced. Any metal roof is difficult to install, because in winter, when it cools, it accumulates condensed water on itself and is subject to corrosion. A tiled roof is a more suitable and durable option - but it is ceramic, and ceramics are fragile. However, we all know that archaeologists find skeletons of people and animals that have lain in the ground for millennia and have not decomposed. On the other hand, cattle are slaughtered in huge quantities every day for food and meat sellers do not know how to dispose of such a huge amount of bone products. But both cattle and pigs have bones of a more or less flat shape, from which roofing material can be even mounted. Bone material, specially prepared, can become an excellent raw material for the production of roofing products. Having a low thermal conductivity, it will save the warmth of the building in winter, and in summer it will keep it from the heat. By mounting the bone base on it, you can build up a layer of polymer of similar composition.

The roof is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful fumes when heated, the strength of the inert material has been tested for centuries. The remains of a house made of mammoth bones were found by archaeologists in the Voronezh region (Russia), where several places where ancient people lived are located at once. The other ancient dwelling among the peoples of the Arctic coast of the Pacific Ocean engaged in hunting (Chukchi, Eskimos, Aleut) – a semi-earthen or terrestrial building on a frame of whale. The building housed a family of up to 12 people, had summer and winter entrances (along a covered corridor deepened into the ground). No synthetic material can compare with natural, evolutionary. Ancient people did not have construction tools and technologies, but in cold and heat, natural materials gave them the opportunity to protect themselves from harsh natural conditions. With the current state of technics and technology, the roof can be mounted not only from flat bones, but also from a tubular material that is more durable - but this is already the task of engineers and designers. On the other hand, there is an area for the disposal of bone material.


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