Folding and Unfolding Type Ceiling Fan Canopy

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This invention discloses a novel Easy-Change Fan Canopy designed to streamline the replacement of existing fan canopies and improve fan longevity. The Easy-Change Canopy addresses a common challenge encountered with conventional fan canopies, which necessitate the disassembly of the entire fan unit for canopy replacement. Additionally, it incorporates a protective cage to safeguard the fan's bearings.


The Easy-Change Fan Canopy comprises a structure similar to a conventional fan canopy, incorporating a strategically placed cut. This cut enables the canopy to be expanded and effortlessly positioned around a pre-existing fan rod. A secure locking mechanism, integrated within the canopy design, ensures a firm and stable attachment to the fan rod, eliminating the need for disassembly.

Enhanced Functionality:

The Easy-Change Fan Canopy boasts an innovative cage positioned at the bottom. This cage serves a dual purpose:

Bearing Protection: The cage acts as a barrier, shielding the fan's bearings from dust accumulation. This helps to minimize wear and tear, potentially extending the lifespan of the fan and reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Maintained Ventilation: The cage design incorporates ventilation slots, ensuring unimpeded airflow through the fan unit. This crucial feature prevents the accumulation of heat within the fan motor, promoting optimal performance and efficiency.


Simplified Installation: The Easy-Change Canopy eliminates the cumbersome process of dismantling the entire fan unit for canopy replacement. Users can simply expand the canopy and secure it using the locking mechanism, significantly reducing installation time and effort.

Convenient Reversibility: The Easy-Change Canopy design facilitates a simple transition back to the original canopy if desired. Users can readily remove the Easy-Change Canopy and reattach the original one without any complex procedures.


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    Tejas Thete
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