Contemporary Dum Biryani Cooker

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Dum is a cooking technique that involves cooking slowly over low heat in large heavy bottomed sealed vessel after placing the ingredients in the vessel, heated using wood at the bottom and heated wood or charcoal on top of the Dum pot with varying times from few minutes to overnight depending on the ingredients.

This traditional way of Dum cooking has the drawback of producing substantial amounts of smoke, health hazard of dropping the hot coal placed on the lid, ash from coal etc. City/Apartment dwellers are at disadvantage due to potential safety hazards while using this method of cooking.

The invention provides contemporary heating means using gas, steam, electrical and other means, capable of providing different amount of heat at bottom pot and lid at different timings, capable of automation preferably through Arduino, without building pressure inside the device. It can be of different sizes and different design that suits the needs of the customer.

The device consists of a bottom pot with or without element for heating from bottom with a stirrer which is non removable or removable, stirring only when required according to need, and a tightly fitting lid containing heating means, capable of being heated when necessary. The whole device can be automated if necessary for providing heating at bottom and top at different timings, amount of heating required during cooking according to the Dum cooking method and the volume of rice being cooked, stirring etc. using IoT (Arduino or raspberry Pi) or PLC or embedded technology.

For example, for cooking Dum biryani, first the tadka or seasonings are added to the bottom pot after the heating has been started, with the stirrer functioning as and when they are introduced according to the recipe. Once the seasoning is over, rice, vegetables and meat are added with water as required as per the recipe while the top lid heating is switched off. The stirrer is allowed to function according to the need by automation. After a certain amount of cooking has taken place the heating element on the top lid is started automatically and the heat amount at bottom and top are controlled depending on the volume of cooking ingredients to allow for Dum cooking. Thus, the entire Dum cooking process can be automated for a delicious Dum biryani.

No equipment is available at present in the marketplace for automated Dum cooking. A normal electric rice cooker can also be converted to a Dum cooker with modifications. This idea can be applied in normal households, catering industry, restaurants and hotels and the market potential is huge.

The best design ideas will serve a public good by

  • Preventing or reducing injuries
  • Improving public safety and security
  • Saving time and money
  • Improving productivity
  • Automating tedious tasks
  • Offering alternative energy solutions
  • Reducing consumption of natural resources
  • Enabling other product improvements




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