ROSES - RObotic System for Endovascular Systems

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ROSES is the only system able to measure forces opposing the advancement of catheters and guide wires while measuring advancement. By registering these data with the fluoroscopic images, one obtains the black box of the surgery. Moreover, the system is the only system able to guide from the introduction of the first catheter to brain surgery for aneurysms or thrombi, as any other surgery in any portion of the human body, including TAVI application. Soon, we will also have animated catheters that may change tip curvature from the console, plus a second curvature, if necessary, to stabilize the initial catheter in its final position. All this separates the doctor from the patient, thereby eliminating completely X-ray absorption for the surgical team.

The disposables are small and purely mechanical, plus a special cover that self-adapts to the motion of the robotic actuators. The maximum advancement speed for initial catheters is 6 cm/sec; for angioplasty or brain catheters, it is 8 cm/sec, with control on 0,1 mm advancement. The max rotational speed is 140° per second with control on 0,3°. Thirteen motors allow the control of up to seven parameters using two joysticks, changing the program from the console. Several patent applications were deposited, some obtained, others in process, and different articles published in open-access journals. The system was already tested satisfactorily for angioplasty in patients. Presently, registration for the full field of application is starting. The pictures show the angioplasty system complete with disposables for angioplasty, the comparison between the old and new Robotic Actuator with a passage hole passed from 7 to 36 mm to grant usage of catheters of any dimension, and even the passage of a hemostatic valve, and an image showing the system with its unique system to grant sterility of the full operational field. New disposables, based on the mechanical system already tested, are ready to start new in vitro trials for the registration process.



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